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Entry #28


2014-12-13 19:51:41 by pokemonguy12

Guess who's actually done something recently? That's right, me! Though it's not really on what I should be doing....

I now have yet another thing I'm doing, which is another Sburbventure, though this time it's a Zburbventure! It's the characters in Stickpocalypse playing Zburb (The stick-version of Sburb), which adds yet another level to my backstory. This is much easier to write than my original Sburbventure, "Testing the Beta", as it's writen on paper and I've got more control over the scenes, which was my problem when writing TtB was that I was dealing with MS Paint's limitatons (I know it sucks, but I'm trying to base it on MS Paint Adventures). I got 12 scenes in and had to stop because I couldn't rotate a picture for a scene.

Though I'll keep at it and eventually finish something.


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